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Style & Comfort

Look Fresh

Showcasing the styles of Sunski past and present, in epic colors, these sale sunglasses are set to turn heads on the trail and around town. Pair that with lightweight design and all day comfort, and you’ve got yourself looking and feeling fly.

Design & Materials

Adventure Ready

Whether you’re crushing your favorite local trail or sending it on the mountain, Sunski’s Full Send sale sunglasses are made from durable and sustainable material and ready to take on the day.

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Lifetime Warranty

Send It With Confidence

Full Send sale sunglasses may be final sale, but never fear, they are still backed by our lifetime warranty. Run, climb, hike, paddle and ride all you want without concern for your shades.

Are the Full Send Sale sunglasses final sale?

Yes, all our Full Send Sale sunglasses are final sale, with no returns or exchanges available. Fear not, we’re here to make sure you feel confident in your purchase. There’s a style available for each noggin looking to be accessorized! Check out our blog post, where you can read what styles work best for each face shape. You can also try out our virtual try-on tool, it’s just like looking in the mirror! Still unsure if a Full Send Sale sunglasses style is right for you? Email our shades specialist style@sunski.com for personalized suggestions.

How long is the Full Send Sale?

Our Full Send Sale is just heating up. Limited drops will be available each week, stretching into the new year. Check back each Monday to see which sale sunglasses have been added to the collection. We promise it won’t disappoint.

Behind the Full Send Sale sunglasses collection

IIt’s an unspoken rule in life that your adventure will only be as good as the gear you bring along the way- and if your plans are anything like ours, you’ll need the best shades you can get your hands on. Enter- Sunski’s Full Send Sale sunglasses.

Whether you’re keeping the sun out of your face while biking up your last hill, or blocking the snow’s glare while bombing your last lap, our Full Send Sale sunglasses will keep your eyes protected and your weekend at maximum stoke levels. With 40% off some of our team favorites, Full Send Sale sunglasses are there to take you the distance.

Straight out of the Sunski vault

We don’t like to pick favorites but… these are some of our favorites. Full Send Sale Sunglasses have been handpicked from the Suski team to ensure there’s a pair for any and all of your outdoor endeavors. Some of the Full Send Sale sunglasses collection have never been seen outside the yellow beach house, while others are collaborations with your favorite brands.

Weekly drops (get em while we got em!)

Every week, new Full Send Sale sunglasses will be released online, but you gotta be quick. Limited quantities will be available to purchase, and once they’re gone they’re gone forever! Keep checking back to see what style will be added next to the Full Send Sale sunglasses collection.

Adventuring a little too hard?

All of our full send sale sunglasses are backed with our lifetime warranty, meaning you don’t have to hold back from gainer flipping off of one more rock or sending that last hill before heading home. If your shades end up being collateral damage after not-quite-nailing the landing, don’t stress! Submit a claim and our awesome customer support team will be in touch (bonus points if you have a good story). All of our Full Send Sale sunglasses are final sale, but you can’t go wrong with any pair. Just pick your style and buckle up for the ride!

Polarization makes for a better PR

By not wearing sunglasses, you’re leaving your precious peepers exposed and in danger. UV exposure, which comes from both the sun and snow, can have harmful effects on the cornea, lens and retinas! Oh my! Overtime, this damage can raise a person’s risk for cataracts, which impair vision. Thankfully, Sunski has your eyes covered on that front! All of our polarized Full Send Sale sunglasses block 100% of UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths so you can feel comfortable knowing your lookers are UV Protected.

Plus, our polarized lenses can be particularly useful while performing a big send. When you’re zooming down a trail or ski slope, our Full Send Sale sunglasses will keep you out of harm’s way (aka a small rock, mud, or slippery ice). Polarized lenses give you greater definition by enhancing contrast and reducing glare, which in turn provides you with better accuracy when making quick decisions on your route.

Redefining ‘cheap sunglasses’ one pair at a time

Our Full Send Sale sunglasses are 40% off their usual price. Yup, you heard us right, 40% off!! From designing every style in California, to painting each tortoise shell pattern by hand, Sunski is redefining what it means for you to purchase cheap sunglasses.

Why do cheap sunglasses have to mean low quality? And why does durability and style have to break the bank? Our Full Send Sale sunglasses collection seeks to answer both these questions for you, by offering cheap sunglasses that meet the quality standards of even our premium shades. Normally, cheap sunglasses don’t do what sunglasses are supposed to do. Have you ever bought an ultra-trendy pair of shades for a concert and spent the whole set squinting at the stage? Or received a pair in the mail, only for them to break before you get them out of the box? Issues like this make cheap sunglasses appear disposable, adding to the plastic pollution problem that already disrupts our environment.

Full Send Sale sunglasses are all made with polarized lenses, so you’ll see your favorite lead singer clear as day. All of our sale sunglasses are also made from a type of recycled plastic that’s stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than anything else out there. So in this case, cheap sunglasses doesn’t really mean cheap sunglasses. It means quality sunglasses that are on sale for a limited time! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

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