Dipsea Lens Kit  $12
Classic Lens Kit  $12
Classic Kit II  $12
Makani Lens Kit  $12
Seacliff Lens Kit  $12
Taraval Lens Kit  $12
Yuba Lens Kit  $12
Singlefin Lens Kit  $12
Avila Lens Kit  $12
Alta Lens Kit  $12
Foothill Lens Kit  $12
Olema Lens Kit  $12
Navarro Lens Kit  $12
Plover Lens Kit  $12
Moraga Lens Kit  $12
Portola Lens Kit  $12
Chalet Lens Kit  $12
Manresa Lens Kit  $12
Treeline Lens Kit  $12
Our Lens Kit Program is Radical With our Lens Kit program, you can replace your lenses for just $12! We are selling theses lenses at the same cost we pay to make them, so this is purely for your convenience and stoke! There’s a reason why our Lens Kit Program has won the 50 Campfires Gear of the Year Award! On top of that, you can feel good about creating less waste in the world by saving your perfectly good frames and an extra trip by the postal truck.
More questions about the Lens Kits? Our FAQs have all the information you need; whether you need help finding the lens kit that will fit your frames or have questions about stock, it’s all there.
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