Can we make you a sweet deal?




So here's what we're thinking: we know you don't want to go to the post office, and we'd rather be surfing than processing return packages. And we're pretty darn certain those shades are going to look good on somebody you know.


So can we make you a deal? If you gift that extra pair of shades to a friend, we'll give you a straight-up 50% refund on that pair. You get cash, your friend feels loved, and we get to surf a little longer. Win-win-win!


So how about this:
1. Give your extra shades to a friend
2. Snap a radical selfie of yourselves together in Sunskis
3. Shoot us an email with the selfie and your order number to
4. We'll straight-up refund you 50% of the pair you gifted


If you've got multiple extra pairs you want to gift, that's fine-- but you've gotta get all your friends in the same photo!

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