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Dipsea Black Blue Light | $58
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Polarized shades made from SuperLight recycled plastic and backed by our lifetime warranty.

From the Designer

Our bestselling frames are now available as blue light glasses. Designed with comfort and eye protection in mind, all Sunski blue light styles deliver all-day wearability and block harmful blue light. Enjoy a better night's sleep, fewer headaches and happier eyes!

Fit and Specs

Eye Coverage: Medium - Wrap & Angle: None

Temple Width: 139mm - Nosebridge: 22mm - Lens Width: 49mm

Lens specs:
Sunski's blue light lenses block 50% of blue light below 450 nm wavelengths

Superlight Recycled Plastic

We couldn't find a sustainable material we liked, so we invented our own. SuperLight recycled resin is stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than anything on the market.

SuperLight is created from scrap plastic that would otherwise end up in a USA landfill. We intercept this scrap plastic from the waste stream and reformulate it into our SuperLight polycarbonate resin.

Lifetime Warranty

We make our shades the right way, with no shortcuts and the highest attention to detail. We stand behind all of our products and we want you to feel totally confident with your purchase.

Your Sunskis are covered under our warranty for as long as you own them. If you break them under normal use, we'll fix them or replace them for you.


Easy Returns Policy

If you're not satisfied with your Sunskis for any reason, you can return them to us or exchange them within 60 days in an unused, resellable condition. So buy a few pairs knowing you can return what you don't like! If you've got a pair you want to send back, head over to our returns page to get handled.

Fast Shipping Information

Most orders will ship in one to two business days. Expected arrival times vary by location: US: 3-5 days via USPS. International: 4-8 days by DHL and FedEx. Got more questions about shipping? Take a look at our FAQ.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind all of our products and we want you to feel totally confident when purchasing your Sunskis. We've got you covered with our Forever Warranty. Your pair of Sunskis is covered under our warranty for as long as you own them. If you break them under normal use, we'll fix them or replace them for you.

We cover frame damage that occurs under "normal use" that prevents you from wearing your shades: broken hinges, cracked frames, damage from running into a tree... this is all normal use and fair game to be replaced. Minor damage like scuffs and small dings are not covered, because replacing those is a waste of perfectly good shades. We also will not cover really dumb things that you may do, like backing over them with your car or melting them in a fire pit (we've seen it all).

WARNING: California Prop 65

warning symbol WARNING: This product can expose you to Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov

What does this warning even mean?

tl;dr: California's Prop 65 requires us to post this warning because our frames contain trace amounts of BPA, a chemical used in the production of all hard plastics. The FDA level of safe exposure to BPA for an adult is 23mcg/per day/per lb of weight. To exceed this safe threshold, you would have to completely eat at least three pairs of sunglasses in a single day.

The long version: We are proud of our materials expertise and will not shy away from explaining our materials choice and standing by it:

We make our sunglasses from a recycled polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate is one of the most common types of plastic in existence: it’s your keyboard and mouse, your phone case, your ballpoint pen, your car cupholder, almost every hard plastic item you own. It’s strong, light, inert and has a ton of properties that we believe makes for the best sunglasses.

All hard plastics, including our sunglasses, contain trace amounts of BPA. BPA, also known as bisphenol-a, is a synthetic chemical that can mimic the hormone estrogen in the human body. Studies show mixed results on the harm caused by BPA, but since it mimics estrogen it can be harmful to the development of young children. The products of most concern for BPA are baby bottles and food containers, where BPA can transfer out of the plastic lining and directly into the food or liquid consumed by these sensitive groups.

BPA is a fundamental component of hard plastics production – when the polycarbonate plastic is synthesized, the BPA is polymerized into a stable plastic matrix. During this plastic-creation process, a small part of the BPA monomer does not polymerize and remains as a chemical. Touching polycarbonate plastic is generally not a problem, as an almost unmeasurable amount transfers from plastic to skin. A comprehensive study done by the Danish Ministry of the Environment found that under the worst case conditions, only .019 micrograms(mcg) of BPA migrates to skin per square centimeter of plastic contact per hour. In 2014, the FDA determined the daily safe exposure level to be 3,220mcg for a 140lbs person (23mcg per lb).

The concentration of BPA in our polycarbonate is approximately 50 parts per million and our frames weigh about 20 grams each, which means they contain about 1,000mcg of BPA per pair. In order to exceed to the FDA safe daily limit of 3,220mcg, you would have to completely eat at least three pairs of sunglasses in a single day.

Understandably, we don’t think there’s any cause for concern. But California’s Proposition 65 requires us to post this warning because BPA is present in our product. Thanks for reading this far, we hope it is informative and relieves your concern. (And please don’t eat your sunglasses, you’ll have much bigger problems than just trace BPA…)

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