Protective Goggles


These are actual physical medical protective goggles for sale.   We are selling them below manufacturing cost, only to frontline healthcare workers.


If you are at this page, it's because we sent you a private link.  We are able to make goggles at our factory, but we can't afford to donate to everybody who needs them right away.  Our demand for goggle donations far outpaces our ability to sustainably donate them.   In a perfect world, we would find a grant that would allow us to manufacture and donate PPE to every single person who needs it, all at once.  (But as we all know, this world is far from perfect.)


We are faced with a big ethical question:  is it better to sell goggles to those in need so they can get them right away, or not offer them at all?  We have come down on the side of selling goggles below manufacturing cost, because it lets us get you PPE right away and cheaper than anywhere else.  If you are unable to purchase these, we will eventually get to you on the donation list but it may take awhile.


Our protective goggles are manufactured in our FDA registered facility and meet all ANSI Z87.1+ requirements, including splash protection.