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Polarized Kids Sunglasses

Shop our selection of kids polarized sunglasses, built to last and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Polarized Kids Sunglasses - Three kids at a skatepark wearing Kidskis, Sunski's polarized kids sunglasses
Sunski Mini Dipsea Tortoise Ocean Polarized Kids Sunglasses Sunski Mini Dipsea Champagne Brown Polarized Kids Sunglasses
Sunski Mini Headland Grey Black Polarized Kids Sunglasses
Sunski Mini Madrona Tortoise Brown Polarized Kids Sunglasses
Sunski Mini Dipsea Blue Light Tortoise Polarized Kids Sunglasses
Sunski Mini Headland Blue Light Grey Polarized Kids Sunglasses
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Safety First

Polarized Lenses

Our kids’ sunglasses protect your lil’ one’s eyes from the sun, while still allowing them to look cool. All of our kid’s polarized sunglasses block 100% UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths, so they can still be kids and be safe.

Fun To Wear

Built for Kids

Our kid’s polarized sunglasses are made from the same durable, sustainable materials as our full-sized human sunglasses. Kidskis are made to take on the life of a kid, so you can worry less and play more.

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Forever Warranty

Made to Last

Playful lifestyles are encouraged. Our kid’s polarized sunglasses are covered by lifetime warranty. We want to let kids be kids and for you to feel confident in your purchase.

Kid-friendly polarized sunglasses

Kids are moving through the world at a million miles per hour and taking it all in. Everything is new, questions are constant, and life is full of surprises. While you might be used to slathering them with sunscreen and handing them a hat before they head outdoors, sunglasses are also important for youngsters.

Not only do kiddos spend more time outdoors than most adults, but their eyes aren’t as well-adapted to blocking out UV rays. Overly sensitive eyes and lots of time outside sans sunglasses could lead to eye problems later in life.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to prevent that. All Kidski sunglasses block 100% UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths. The only trick is convincing your little human to wear them regularly. We’ve got your back on that one too—our kids polarized sunglasses come in two of the same cool styles as our adult line of sunnies, just made mini.

That means you and your small sidekick can even sport the same style. No guarantees that means they’ll stop stealing yours, though!

Kid’s sunglasses: The basic requirements

Just because kids are, well, kids, doesn’t mean they don’t crush. In all likelihood, they’re probably doing more radical stuff in their youth than you do in adulthood. When imagination is endless, adventures can be found anywhere. And when adventures are everywhere, you have more of them, right?!

All that is to say, in addition to UV protection, polarization is a key feature of kid’s sport sunglasses. Kids don’t dig a whole lot of buffer between them and their experience of the world. Many other leading brands of kid’s sunglasses aren’t polarized, and instead have really dark tinted lenses, making it hard to see out of them. If your kid’s sunnies are harshing their vibe, they’re not going to want to wear them.

Our kids polarized sunglasses look cool (another important feature, kids aren’t fools) and they actually make it easier to see. The polarization cuts the glare from the sun, so they aren’t squinting, and colors are enhanced. Whether your youngster likes staring at cloud formations or spotting fish in the water—polarization makes it possible, and sunglasses make it safe.

Durable & sustainable kid’s sunglasses

It’s pretty much a given that your kid’s sunnies will hit the deck at some point, probably multiple times. You need sunglasses that can withstand your child’s adventures—from attempts to fly, to sandcastle competitions, to ski lessons, and beyond.

From the start, Sunskis were designed to support outdoor pursuits of all kinds, and our kid’s sunglasses line is no different. Our kids polarized sunglasses are made from the same tough recycled plastic as our full-size human sunglasses. Not only is the plastic intercepted on its way to the landfill, but our unique SuperLight polycarbonate resin is stronger, lighter and more comfortable than anything else on the market.

To prove that all our sunglasses are built to last, Kidskis are also included in our lifetime warranty, and come with replaceable lenses. All our sunglasses for kids are made to fit little faces age 5 to 11, which means they won’t out-grow them instantly. Can you remember the last pair of sunglasses you had for six years?

So unless the Incredible Hulk does a “hulk smash” on a pair of Mini Dipseas or Mini Headlands, your little radical human should have these for awhile!