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Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Shop our selection of polarized sports sunglasses designed for active lifestyles.

Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection - woman wearing topeka sports sunglasses while rock climbing
Sunski Anza Dusk Amber Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection Sunski Anza Tortoise Forest Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection Sunski Anza Mist Ocean Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection
Sunski Topeka Tortoise Forest Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection Sunski Topeka Tortoise Amber Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection Sunski Topeka Crimson Amber Polarized Sports Sunglasses with UV Protection

Polarized sports sunglasses without the action figure look

Nothing causes imposter syndrome like browsing high-end, sports sunglasses. If you’re like us, the price tag alone is enough to activate your gag reflex, and you’re vaguely terrified an Ironman champion will mistake you for a kindred spirit.


But you don’t have to be obsessed with lycra, titanium, and aerodynamics to notice a difference between regular, everyday sunglasses and polarized sports sunglasses. Anyone in pursuit of outdoor adventures can benefit from a pair of UV protection sunglasses designed with athletic endeavors in mind.

Grabbing a pair of sports sunglasses is an easy way to up your game, whether you’re tackling gnarly terrain on your mountain bike, running a technical trail, or finally sending that climbing project.

Ditch imposter syndrome when you grab a pair of Sunskis. With better visual accuracy, precision and comfort, you’ll be able to find your edge without feeling phony. Here are a few things to consider when choosing active sports sunglasses.

Take a closer look at our UV protection sunglass lenses

Since you spend more time outside than the average bear, you’ll want to make sure your lenses block 100% of UV rays. Sunski has your peepers covered on that front. All of our polarized sports sunglasses block 100% UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths so you can feel comfortable knowing your eye are UV Protected.

While almost everyone can benefit from polarized lenses, they’re particularly useful for athletes. When moving at high speeds down a trail or ski slope, it’s handy to be able to see slick rocks, mud, or ice. Polarized lenses give you greater definition by enhancing contrast and reducing glare, which in turn provides better accuracy when making split-second decisions.

Dark-tinted sports sunglasses are good for more than hiding a bad hangover. If you’re making a splash on the water or frolicking in the snow, look for a lower VLT rating, which means more light is blocked in highly reflective conditions.

Fashion is important of course, but it should be secondary when evaluating your lens color for sports. Gray tinted lenses reduce overall brightness, but colors still look normal. Blue lenses, on the other hand, improve color perception and cut through glare, making them great for snow and water sports. Check the Specs section below any of our sunglasses to find information about the lens tint.

Sport-specific features to watch out for

No one wants to deal with sports sunglasses that slip, but it’s particularly crucial that they stay put as you grab that giant trout out of the water or catch some air on your mountain bike. And running sunglasses need to stay put as you bounce down the trails, or you risk taking a tumble.

Wrap-around frames will keep your sport sunglasses snug on your face, so all you need to worry about is crushing the next challenge. Both the Topeka and the Taraval have high wrap and overall coverage, with the Topeka also featuring grippy rubber pads on the nose bridge for further assurance your sports sunglasses will stay put.

Frame material matters

It’s important that your frames are durable enough to withstand your adventures without being so heavy that they weigh you down. Our superlight frames are made from recycled plastic that’s stronger, lighter and more comfortable than anything else out there.

Sunskis are lightweight, but sturdy and built to last. They’re designed to pack a punch on the trail, slopes, fishing boat, or wherever your shenanigans take you. And should anything happen to the lenses in the line of duty, we offer replacement sunglass lenses. On the other hand, if anything outlandish should happen and they fail you, let us know. All of our UV protection sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty.

Want to up the ante even more? We’re talking about vertical gain. If your sport takes you into high altitude areas, check out our glacier sunglasses, modern performance shades featuring ventilated, removable sun shields.