Round Polarized Sunglasses

Complete your classic look with a fresh pair of round sunglasses.

woman wearing dipsea sunglasses throwing peace signs at the beach
Dipsea color Tortoise Ocean Dipsea color Tortoise Aqua Dipsea color Tortoise Amber Dipsea color Tortoise Emerald Dipsea color Frosted Sky Dipsea color Black Gold
Yuba color Stone Terra Fade Yuba color Clear Forest Yuba color Caramel Ocean Yuba color Tortoise Ocean Yuba color Tortoise Amber
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Makani color Honey Ocean Makani color Sienna Terra Fade Makani color Tortoise Purple Makani color Blonde Tortoise Aqua
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Olema color Black Tortoise Slate Olema color Tortoise Amber
Avila color Tortoise Amber Avila color Black Slate
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Singlefin color Grey Rose Singlefin color Black Aqua Singlefin color Tortoise Forest
Vacanza color Champagne Ocean Vacanza color Tortoise Forest
Gondola color Champagne Ocean Gondola color Tortoise Indigo
Mini Dipsea color Tortoise Emerald
Volante color Tortoise Ocean Volante color Champagne Brown

Round sunglasses for all

You want ‘em, we got ‘em. While we love a strong John Lennon look, our round frame sunglasses offer sturdy support and contemporary style to these naturally-shaped lenses. Your retro look doesn’t have to be retro, afterall. Oh, and our SuperLight frames are built with 100% recycled plastic. Whether you’re looking for the premium metal detailing in our Vacanza, or a way to twin it up with your little one in our Dipsea and Mini Dipsea, we offer over a dozen round lens sunglasses for a fresh take on this classic design (it’s kinda what we’re known for). And in case you weren’t aware, they ship without any plastic packaging, come with a lifetime warranty, and go towards a legendary cause—1% For the Planet. In 2020, we’ll also be fully carbon neutral; so you can look great while looking ahead, and saving some bucks in the process. You were looking for round sunglasses because you’re ahead of the curve, right?

Round sunglasses for women

Frankly, all of our round sunglasses look great on gals. But if you have a particularly small to medium head shape, and could use some additional peripheral protection while driving down Highway 1 or hitting the slopes (psst… we have a collection of polarized glacier sunglasses), take a peek at our Volante. If you head is on the medium to larger size, we still have you covered: the Gondola has removable side shields too. It’s bright out there! If you’re not sure about your noggin, we have detailed size charts for the meticulous, and a virtual try-on comparison feature for the tech-savvy. Don’t forget to ask the family group chat to be sure, though. Either way, these clear frame sunglasses will brighten up your day, face, and outlook.

Besides all of our lenses being polarized for glare and having 100% UV protection, the breadth of styles in our round collection mean your preferred frame shape won’t be an issue. A classic lightweight half-frame can be found in our Avila for a polished, fashionable look. For those looking for a little more edge, the Olema features a unique double-bridge frame design, reminiscent of clip-ons and the men’s style icon himself: James Dean. The vintage style is also just one part of our radical retro sunglasses. We can’t help it, we’re San Franciscan. ✌️


If you’re looking for a tried-and-true unisex shape, but with an on-trend tortoise frame, the Yuba is a medium-coverage, medium-sized frame, that looks great on literally everyone. This modern classic is a bestseller for good reason, and the one you’ve probably seen on the trails. That price point doesn’t hurt either.

Gentleman, we get it. You’re as handsome as Adam Levine and need cool, round sunglasses for a more narrow face. That’s where our Singlefin comes in: with multiple frame colors, transparency, and lens options, they fit any inclination. But if you really want to catch their eyes, the Makani feature brightly colored frames and mirrored lenses—perfect for making a statement at the festival and checkin’ out the other dancers, while showing you’re with it and care about good ol’ Mother Earth. Nice!

Perhaps you changed your mind about round sunglasses altogether. No problemo. We’ve got wayfarer sunglasses and polarized aviator sunglasses too. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the traditional. Plus, get two pairs of sunglasses and receive free shipping. We know choices are hard.

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